About Us

Thank you for visiting our store! Our vision is to show love for Mexican and Hispanic cultures, the diversity of all religions, and love for cats through our jewelry. Our name "Nietas" means granddaughters in Spanish. Nietas is a Hispanic, woman-owned business and the name celebrates all women. Every woman on this earth is a granddaughter, and every piece of jewelry/art is created to honor the ancestral women in our family. We are a small business, just starting out and have dreams of being able to eventually share our sales with local non-profit animal rescues. Animals live on this earth with us and should be shown love. We support adopting from shelters and making a pet part of the family.

Our jewelry is handmade. We make our own hand rolled paper and cloth beads. Most of our pieces are one of a kind and do not have duplicates. So if you see something you like, you better get it before it's gone! Our necklaces include hand painted designs as well as original digital art. We incorporate crystals, astrology, and spirituality from all walks of life. You will find everything from Christian/Catholic crosses to Wiccan moons, pastel flowers to spiders and bats in our inventory! We welcome you to browse our selections and enjoy visiting us.